IACC - Conference 2015

Don't recall what session you attended? View a list of the 2015 sessions in the 2015 Conference Brochure.

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Session Presentations

S1-First Time at IACC? - David Dunn, WS Department of Ecology

S2-Managing Utility Liability Risks - The Tale of Two Cities - Roger Neal, Association of Washington Cities

S3-Safe Routes to School and the Pedestrian and Bicycle Programs - Charlotte Claybrooke, Washington State Department of Transportation

S4-Local Government Financing Tools- Ashley Probart, Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board

S5-New Reclaimed Water Rule: Opportunities and Challenges- Dennis McDonald, WS Department of Ecology

S6 and S16-Asset Management for Community Trees- Ben Thompson, WS Department of Natural Resources

S7-Keep Current with the Transportation Improvement Board- Steve Gorcester, Transportation Improvement Board

S8-Indian Health Service Sanitation Facilities Construction Program- Capt. Mat Martinson, P.E., LCDR James Earl P.E. - Indian Health Service

S9-Asset Management 101: Where do you start?- David Dunn WS Department of Ecology

S10-Community Development Block Grant - Funds for Your Community- Kaaren Roe, WS Department of Commerce

S11-NON-Transportation Funding Program Update Panel- Moderated by Cathi Read, WS Department of Commerce

S12-Transportation Funding Program Update Panel. - Moderated by Jon Galow, WS Department of Commerce

S13-Tribal Funding Panel Update- Moderated by Keri Shepherd, Nooksack Tribe

S14-Wireless, FirstNet, and Public Works- Bill Schrier, Washington State Office of the Chief Information Officer

S15-Keeping your Board Out of Hot Water- Blair Burroughs, Washington Association of Sewer & Water Districts

S16-Understanding Cultural Resource Issues- Russell Holter, WS Dept. of Archaeology and Historic Preservation

S17-Financial Planning for Small Utilities- Stevan Palmer, Dan Bannier, Rural Community Assistance Corp.

S18-Water Supply Resiliency - How to Avoid Running Dry- Benjamin A Serr, Department of Health - Panel

S19-City of Wenatchee WWTP Tour- Pete Moser, City of Wenatchee - FIELD TRIP


S21-Davis-Bacon How NOT to Become "Bacon Bits"- Cathy Brockmann and Arlene Escobar, WS Dept. of Commerce

S22-Places and Spaces: History and Heritage go Green- Janet Rogerson WS Historical Society and Micki McNaughton, Arborea, LLC

S23-Utility Rate Setting- Angie Sanchez Virnoche, FCS Group

S24-Planning Ahead for A Water Shortage- Heather Cannon, Rural Community Assistance Corp.

S25-Hiring the Right Consultant: Success in Procurement and Contracting for Professional Services- John Carpita, Municipal Research and Services Center

S26-Commerce's Energy Efficiency & Solar Grant Program- Pat Gibbon, WS Dept. of Commerce

S27-Connecting to Community Facility Grants for Nonprofits - Michael Kendall, WS Dept. of Commerce

S28-Asset Management Program - Small System Sustainability- Stevan Plamer & Dan Bremmer, Rural Community Assistance Corporation

S29-Aquifer Storage and Recovery: Basics and Implementation- Cynthia Wall, WS Dept. of Ecology - PANEL

S30-Negotiating with Your Consultant- David Dunn, WS Dept. of Ecology - PANEL

S31-Environmental Requirements Panel - Janice Roderick, USDA Rural Development

S32-Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB) 101 & Application Process - Janea Eddy, WS Dept. of Commerce

S33-Keeping Your Board Out Of Hot Water- Blair Burroughs, WA. Association of Sewer & Water Districts - Repeat

S34-Public Records 101 - Shannon Goudy WS Department of Commerce Ann Campbell, WS Dept. of Commerce CERB

S35-Cultural Resource Protection at Work & Play- Kim Gant & Gretchen Kaehler WS Dept. of Archaeology & Historic Preservation (FIELD TRIP)

S36-The Secret to Writing Compelling Grant Applications- David Dunn, WS Dept. of Ecology

S37-Section 106 - Requirements of the National Historic Preservation Act- Russell Holter, WS Dept. of Archaeology & Historic Preservation

S38-USDA Rural Development Engineering and Loan Processing for Water/Wastewater Projects- Dave Dunnell & Rick Rose, USDA Rural Development

S39-Utility Rate Setting- Angie Sanchez Virnoche, FCE Group

S40-Innovative Approaches for Watershed Protection and Funding Options- Corina Hayes & Janet Cherry, WS Dept. of Health

S41-Federal Lands Access Program- George Fekaris, Federal Highway Administration, Western Federal Lands

S42-Engaging the Community in a Sidewalk Project- Steve King, City of Wenatchee - PANEL

S43-Tribal Consultation Best Practices Guide- Keri Shepherd, Nooksack Tribe

S44-Funding Opportunities for Drinking Water Systems- Karen Klocke, WS Dept. of Health

S45-Archaeological Predictive Modeling-A Tool for Considering Potential Development Sites- Russell Holter, WS Dept. of Archaeology & Historic Preservation

S46-Income Surveys - As Painless As Possible- Jon Galow WS Dept. of Commerce (PANEL)

S47-The Future of Washington Infrastructure- Rhys Roth, Center of Sustainable Infrastructure, Evergreen State College

S48-United States Dept. of Aggriculture (USDA), Community Facility Funding- Marti Canatsey, USDA RD

S49-Drinking Water SRF Cultural and Environmental Reviews- Heather Youckton, WS Dept. of Health

S50-Historic Preservation Tools for Local Governments- Kim Gant, WS Dept. of Archaeology and Historic Preservation

S51-Bond Basics and BeyondLiz Green-Taylor and Cezanne Murphy-Levesque, WS Dept. of Commerce

S52-Washington's Community & Technical Colleges - Your Training Partners- Heather Winfrey, Renton Technical College (PANEL)

S53-USDA Rural Development Program Overview- Debbie Harper & Peter McMillin, USDA Rural Development

S54-The New Federal Flood Risk Management Standard- John Graves, FEMA Region X

S55-Ecology's Water Quality Grant and Loan Funding Programs Overview- Shelly McMurry, WS Dept. of Ecology

S56-Community Development Block Grant-Funds for Your Community- Kaaren Roe, WS Dept. of Commerce (Repeat)

S57-What's New With The Public Works Board?- Public Works Board Members

S58-American Iron and Steel Requirements for SRF loans- David Dunn, WS Dept. of Ecology and Joseph F. Crossland, WS Dept. of Health

S60-Compliance wioth Governor's Executive Order 05-05- Russell Holter, WS Dept. of Archaeology and Historic Preservation

Thanks to all of this year's exhibitors, they make the conference possible.